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Are you bored in your daily routine? Want to get out? Get in touch with your neighborhood? Would you like to try out some new sports or borrow an expensive lens to take some special shots with your camera?

City Share provides you with a platform that revolutionizes the collaborative use of private goods. Rent out your dirt catchers that are sleeping in your storage rooms.

Be curious to lend interesting stuff you always wanted to try out. You will meet exciting people who share the same interests or get inspired for new hobbies.

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Easy quick usage by utilizing all possibilities that come with a mobile iPhone application:

Integrated camera
Location-based offers
Barcode scanner
Quick adding of new items


Reliable, fast and stylish application that allows you flexible payment possibilities for all items you were always looking for:

Payment options included
Large database of goods


Safety and reliability are ensured by City Share's safety measures and trust levels:

Reputation system
City Share's goodwill promise
Trouble shoot support


Here is how to reach the mothers and fathers of City Share:

City Share @ CDTM
Barer Straße 21
80336 München
P: (+49) 89 289-28489